Puntland European Diaspora Associations Network

 PEDAN is a non-profit European umbrella that unites Somali Puntland diaspora organizations in Europe. PEDAN was born from first Puntland European diaspora conference held in Helisink-Finland from 25 to 29 September 2015

Our vision statement

To enhance the capacity of Puntland diaspora communities in Europe.
To contribute in establishing stable and reliable socio-economic life for those who have least access into social services .
PEDAN also aims to join Somali diaspora efforts to create better and prosperous Somalia.

Our mission statement

1.To provide a strong, collective and credible voice for our member organizations through advocacy and defending their interest both locally and on European level.
2.To provide a platform of networking to share best practices between member organizations and with other similar organizations in Europe.
3.To conduct research and pilot studies with regards to the issues that effects communities both in Europe and Africa.
4.To enhance, up skill and train Puntland diaspora members to enable them to respond the challenges facing their communities