Puntland Diaspora Forum Denmark (PDFD) in collaboration with Puntland European Diaspora Network Associations (PEDAN),

have successfully concluded the anticipated “Combating Extremism and Radicalization Training” program in Aarhus, Denmark, in between 16-23.11.2019.The purpose of the training course was to gather 40 youth leaders from 10 countries facing similar problems in Scandinavia, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, namely, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Turkey, and Northern Macedonia, to present and provide tools and innovative methods of non-formal learning to combat with extremism and youth radicalization, and and to promote active citizenship, international dialogue, non-formal education and creative skills of participants and to establish a network of organizations and individuals for future cooperation to develop new projects promoting tolerance and multiculturalismThe training provided the participants knowledge and skills that will be useful for their future work in their local communities, such as: – knowledge of various tools and innovative methods of working with young people who are vulnerable and affected by radicalization, – Understand the mechanisms and possible new approaches to working with young people at risk of radicalization; – develop skills related to the use of informal learning and creative methods in their specific local context; – Knowledge and skills for promoting intercultural and inter religious dialogues in homogeneous societies.PDF Denmark and Dalladda Pedan sends their gratitude to the Mayor of Aarhus City, JACOB BUNDSGAARD, Allan Aarslev, East Jutland Police Chief and Christian Damgaard, Aarhus Municipality for their insightful presentation and inputs and sharing with us the Aarhus Prevention of radicalization Model. We also thank to Councilor, MAHAD B.YUSSUF for his unwavering support and cooperation prior and during the project implementation. Last, but not least, PDF, Denmark and Dalladda Pedan thanks to Ludgero Gomes Teixeira for his professionalism and expertise of conducting the training program in the highest level. We also thank to the World Bank Somalia, National Liaison Officer, Abdihakim Aroush who took long journey from Africa, to contribute to the training program.We also thank to Puntland TV UK and Kuusoow KSmedia for their unconditional media coverage support.