In Berlin, Germany, we have executed the first phase of the “Inclusion Centered Promotion for Adult Migrants” initiative – supported by the European Commission in the frame of Adult Education.

The general aim of this initiative is to ensure that equity, excellence, and inclusion are possible in our institutions. We believe that the benefits of equity-based inclusive education may be realized for each and every learner, in each and every community neighborhoods.

The long-term objectives of the TC are:

-Fostering the development of the capacities and operational variety of PEDAN staff of experienced educators, with a focus on ETS and Digital Storytelling in the Adult field.
– Developing the Network’s staff (Trainers) competencies and organizational capacities in using Digital Storytelling as a tool for enhancing communication and intercultural dialogue between native Adults and migrant Adults in the community connects the specific objective to a core priority of the project which is promoting social inclusion on migrants.
– Setting up long-term mechanisms of partnership and regular exchange of information/good practices with high-end European institutions, organizations working in the field of Erasmus+ Adult and higher education, thereby enhancing the scope and quality of the Network’s activities in the field